centric proctoring solutions

Partner Centric Proctoring Solutions

Higher Proctoring Costs, Data Security & Compliance Issues, Restricted Custom Branding, and lack of Global Footprint are some of the significant problems in the current solutions that drove us to design a comprehensive partner-centric proctoring solution!

Benefits of partnering us

  • NthEye's support is available 24/7 to address all your needs. 

  • NthEye provides unmatched scalability on both infrastructure and manpower!

  • NthEye enables Partner to use custom branding which implies we would love to be the proctoring engine of your solution.

  • Partners will be enabled with a dedicated account team. 

  • Seamless and easy LTI integrations for various LMS platforms are enabled.

  • NthEye solutions are available with Multi-Language support

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