Where Online Proctoring Meets Integrity
  • 24/7 Session Scheduling
  • Secure Proctoring Environment
  • Artificial Intelligence Powered
  • Seamless LTI Integrations
  • Intuitive Dashboards


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Implements powerful features of Artificial intelligence to achieve maximum integrity for automated software proctoring .
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Enables candidates to take online sessions with live proctors. NthEye mastered ensuring the highest integrity while putting all data security and compliance best practices in place.
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Dedicated Proctor
A pure white-labeled solution enables any institution to have dedicated white-labeled proctoring infrastructure while maintaining data security and compliance.
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  • Seamless Integrations

    Our infrastructure is LTI 1.3 complaint, and it can integrate into “ANY” LMS or custom infrastructure to provide a seamless user experience.

  • Interactive Tutorials

    Our portal usage is interactive and easy to navigate with a short explanatory on-screen tutorial that makes easy navigation.

  • Live Professor Interaction

    At NthEye, professors have an option to join live sessions with candidates for on-demand compliance checks and integrity validations.

  • Powerful Controls

    Our proctoring solutions offer institutions full dashboard control of examinations, terms, professors, finances, and user access permissions.

  • On-Demand Support

    Our global support team is always available on chat and on-call by dialing us at +1 (408) 718-4217 to help you with your on-demand requirement.

  • Compliance and Data Security

    NthEye follows global compliance data security requirements as our promoters have decades of information security background.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    NthEye’s artificial intelligence systems use machine learning to perform a series of biometrics, facial, and ID data authentication.

  • Metrics and Analytics

    NthEye provides detailed metrics to access various information related to your sessions, such as violations, completion, and relevant statistics.

  • Session Violation Reports

    NthEye’s intuitive reports will be published after every session with detailed metrics such as violations by criticality, and also with relevant evidence.